The Amfilochia is the provincial capital of the prefecture Valtos of Aitoloakarnania and the seat of the municipality. The city has an area of ​​390,597 km and a population of 12,834 acres. The City is characterized as semi-mountainous - mountainous, since 49% of its area is mountainous and 51% mountainous. H Amfilochia away from Athens and 314 km road is a key point of Western Greece, after passing through the area who directed drive from South and Central Greece in Ioannina, Corfu, Lefkas, Arta. Boards o Municipality belongs in Western Greece, where they belong outside of the county and Aitoloakarnania prefectures of Achaia and Ilia.

Until 1907 the Amfilochia was known as "Karvasaras" by the Turkish "Caravanserai - Seraglio" meaning station caravans. The liberation from the Turks came in 1829 as a settlement in 1836 while Karvasaras recognized as a Community. In 1907 renamed Amfilochia and was recognized as a municipality in 1946. The first inhabitants settled in the city outskirts of the width in the Western part of the city, coming just before the revolution of 1821, the now deserted medieval village of Amvrakia, located 2 km west of the northern end of Lake Amvrakia. Amvrakia destroyed in 1825.