Municipality of Thermo

Thermo or Thermos

Thermo, the capital city of the municipality of Thermo are the commercial center of the region of Apokouro, located at an altitude of 330 m, has an area of ​​30,212 hectares and a population of 2,476 residents. The main activity of the inhabitants is the trade and various agricultural and livestock activities.

Thermo is built on the old Kefalovriso, a region with rich water sources and very elderly and very tall plane trees. The city crosses a small creek flowing in Trichonis lake. In East - Northeast side of town, there is a beautiful pine forest. There is a police station, health center and many public services that meet the needs of the municipality.

The story of Thermo starts from the depths of many millennia. In the nearby archaeological site after excavations made ​​by Soteriades, Romeo and Papapostolou, found prehistoric settlement of 16-th, 17-th century BC with remarkable buildings, the Megaron A and Megaron B. In the archaeological site is the Temple of Apollo and the temples of Artemis and Apollo Lysios. In the same area the visitor can see the East Gallery, West Gallery, South Gallery, the Ancient Agora, the Vouleftirion (parliament) and the Ancient fountain. Rich are the exhibits of museum of Thermo. There is a lot of crown tiles, vases, statuettes, etc. while the newly built modern Museum expected to open in 2013.

During the 2nd world war, Germans burned Thermo. Then Thermo rebuilt, to continue its life until now.

The city has a lot of accommodations and other facilities, such as hotels, taverns, restaurants, cafes, bars etc.